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However, Zhang wrote a poem back saying, "Writing a letter from home, miles away, just for a wall. All that fuss over one meter or two. Looking at the ten thousand mile-long Great Wall. Long gone is its builder Emperor Qinshihuang."
His reply enlightened the family members as the wall was merely a temporary structure. It was the close relationship with their neighbors that mattered.
They decided to move their wall about one meter back for their neighbor. In turn, the Wu family was deeply touched by their generosity and retreated another meter backward in building their wall. It created an about two-meter-wide narrow "alley" between the houses.
More than 30 decades later in modern China, Tongcheng has become a national historical and cultural city, a statement released by the State Council said on Nov. 12.

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More than 2,400 disputes have been resolved across Tongcheng so far th
More than 2,400 disputes have been resolved across Tongcheng so far this year. About 98 percent are successfully handled thanks to the virtues of modesty and harmony embedded in the local culture. "It can be a waste of both time and energy if a minor case goes to court. Many dis
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